erleben weiter denken

"Experience is a myriad richness.
We think more than we can say.
We feel more than we can think.
We live more than we can feel.
And there is much more still."

Eugene T. Gendlin

MOnika Catarina Lindner

Diplompädagogin, Univ.

Is there something, hard to say?
It feels meaningful though?
Great! Such an Edge is a rich and promising place!
Take your time and tell me more!



You want to develop an idea, a project, a professional concept or your professional attitude? You want to write a poem, a song, invent a new game? You feel uncomfortable or you are struggling with something in life? Is something missing? Is a well known idea calling you again and again? Whatever feels alive for you, it is a great starting point. 

I will guide you in a way that makes you sensitive and attentive to what feels implicitly meaningful, ‚here and now‘.
To include „the more“ of your specific situation will help you to clarify your interest
and to find a precise language to express what matters to you.
Your next actions step can arise from this fresh new place you will be with your topic.



Experiential-Concept-Coaching (ECC) is a training based on the person-centered and the experiential approach by Carl Rogers and Eugene T. Gendlin. This training is certified by the German Person-Centered Association (GwG). In 5 workshops you will learn to guide individuals and groups by the  philosophical practice „Thinking at the Edge“ (TAE). 

ECC1: Develop your own project
ECC2: Learn to guide others
ECC3: What to do if a process got stocked
ECC4: Enable interactive groups
ECC5: Create an appropriate environment and culture







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Achtsam zuhören und gehört werden
Listen and be listened attentively

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