Lassen Sie sich inspirieren! Hier finden Sie Focusing-Anleitungen und Materialien um in Ihre Embodied Kreativität einzutauchen oder einfach einmal durchzuatmen und zur Ruhe zu kommen.  

Check free guidings and materials. Feel invited to use it for your personal practice or in your professional settings.
Consulte las guías y los materiales gratuitos. Siéntase invitado a utilizarlo para su práctica personal o en sus entornos profesionales.


                                 is a myriad richness that exceeds any number of separated facets. There is vastly more than our conceptual structures can encompass.                     

And experiencing moves — we cannot think all that just was. We feel more than we can think, and we live more than we can feel. And if we enter into what we feel in certain genuine steps, we feel more than before. 

And there is much more still.

T. Gendlin, unpublished draft 1971

A Search for Meaning with TAE

This is an invitation to sit down under a tree, a Linden tree or any other tree that welcomes you and lets you breathe easily. There you can find a safe & creative space to engage with a word. A word that attracts you because it holds much more meaning than its usual use. A word that entices you because it may be misused in the way it is used and you don’t agree with it.

This is a summarized guide from my course „A Search for Meaning with TAE“ at the TAE Academy 2024 that can accompany your care for your chosen word and the search and finding of the meaning you want to give it. You can do this process by yourself or you may find people who also want to commit to a word, so you can join together under the tree. 


The topic of my workshop at TAE Fest in spring 2023. You can use the handout to get yourself started. It is also suitable for leading a group. Download available in English and Spanish. 


How you are now is formed by past experiences. How you want to be is already here/implied/in the current situation. Change happens when we understand why we are how we are and when we are open to what we/our living bodies are meant to be. Find someone to read you this exercise calmly. Or do it by yourself in a comfortable place


Challenging times cause challenging feelings and emotions. Be kind with yourself and take a pause. This focusing exercise is inspired by Ann Weiser Cornel: be with something you feel bad about.​

It’s like growing together as a forest
while becoming more the tree I am.

It’s been so exiting and a joyful pleasure to participate in the “Panel on Gendlin’s Philosophy of the Environment” facilitated by the Icelandic research group on “Embodied Critical Thinking“ (ECT). It happened at the inspiring Gendlin Symposium presented by Seattle University’s Departments of Psychology and Philosophy, in partnership with The Gendlin Center of the International Focusing Institute. I feel honored Beatrice Blake, an experienced TAE -teacher, shared some of my presentation​


In May 2019, 40 phenomenologists and meditators met near Loire valley to form a living laboratory. Their purpose was to investigate the experience of épochè; a central concept in phenomenology, often referred to as the act of suspending judgment. A movie directed by Christian Suhr and Claire Petitmengin. I feel so happy I joined this experience as a participant!